Buyers: What You Should Know About Flooding

by Kay Thomas 01/04/2021

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Flooding is possible anywhere in the US, but it can be of particular concern for property owners in Florida. Before a homebuyer purchases a home, they need to be aware of how likely it is for flooding to occur and what to do in the case of damage. So the question becomes: just how much information can buyers expect to receive from their agent before closing the deal? Here are a few facts to know about flooding, so you can make more informed decisions. 

Two Sides of the Coin 

When some areas of the state are more prone to flooding than others, your real estate agent should be willing to have an honest conversation about your risks. This isn't about making anyone feel uncomfortable or even scared to take a chance on a property, only about alerting them to the possibilities of what might occur. The more upfront a real estate agent is about flooding risks, the more clients learn to trust them (and thus recommend them later on). Plus, it gives buyers time to prepare should they still want the property. 

The Resiliency of the Market 

There is some good news about flooding on a property. Natural disasters definitely have a negative effect on the market, but it often takes less time for neighborhoods to bounce back than you might expect. This is especially true if the market was in high demand prior to the disaster. In San Marco, it only took about a year to see recovery after Irma. Florida is a popular state that can weather through thick and thin — quite literally! That being said, buyers may start to see evacuation maps published on standard listings or simple links to check flooding odds on a home sale website. 

Looking Ahead 

The possibility of flooding can make some people question their choice of property, but there's no reason to panic. While it's impossible to predict exactly when and where flooding will occur, there are ways for homeowners to plan for the future even if it does happen. Having a good insurance policy is a great way to start. The right flooding rider on a standard home insurance plan will cover a variety of expenses associated with water damage and help you get your property values right back to where they were (or maybe even above). 

Despite some of Florida's drawbacks, it will remain a popular state in which to live. From the coast to the sunshine, people will continue to move here to escape the gray skies and the chance to swim in the ocean. 

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